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Emotional Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is great tool for you if you would like to heal events from your life which still holds loads of negative emotions in you.

In 2014 when I was living in Bali I came across EFT and I was amazed by the effect and how quickly transformation happened. I loved it so much that I have decided to become EFT Practitioner myself.

The results I have witnessed on myself and clients have been fantastic! It’s a quick, easy technique to release high emotional attachments. EFT allows you to understand your emotions and release it, all at once.  

Most of us, at some point, were taught that thoughts and emotions are “just in our heads.” Thanks to research done over the past few decades, we now know that’s not true. A simple belief, in fact, creates a cascade of emotional and physical reactions. In other words, one thought—one belief—can shift your entire experience at any given moment. Neuroscientists estimate that we operate at least 80% of our lives from subconscious programs. Well, that’s a HUGE number!

The session really made me realise this event was so long ago, in the past and I can choose or not choose for it to carry on affecting me, my life and my relationships – and I choose no! So yes with hindsight considering it was 1 session I think It has made a significant impact, much greater than such if in therapy just talking about how you feel! I really liked it when you said and I repeated “I am the director of y own life” that really resonated with me and I liked that we taped on the fact I thought not much movement could take place in one session that really worked! Because why no? if I want it I can? Thank you! I also think you have a very calming/positive/smiley manner which is helpful. Joanna Aves, London, UK


Here are a few things that EFT can help, but the list is endless:

  The effect of trauma

   Fears and Phobias

 ♡ Recovering from an Accident

 ♡  Depression


  Grief and Loss



So much more!

Emotional Freedom Technique called also ‘tapping’ is an energy healing technique brought into wide usage by Craig (see www.emofree.com ).  In his words, “Even though EFT violates just about every conventional belief out there, the results remain remarkable…My jaw still drops [after 12 years]”. EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture using tapping instead of needles to stimulate key meridian energy points, on the premise that the cause of many negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. This is also a method that is easily taught to clients who can use it on their own, whenever they start to feel upset or overwhelmed. It works extremely well with children.

What to expect: A session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.  Payment is required prior to scheduling any session.   After making a payment through PayPal please contact me on CONTACT ME page to schedule a session. You will be contacted within 1 to 2 working days with confirmation of your session, day and time. Sessions are usually scheduled within one to maximum two weeks from the date of purchase. All sessions are held via Skype (no communication charges) or in person.

Please note: There is no recording of the session provided.


This investment into your new joyful life will only cost you £80/$ 98



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