Meet Me

Hello beautiful! 

Feeling so grateful that you have found your way here.    

I would first like to start by introducing myself, my name is Ilona, I’m an optimist by heart, my birth country is

11118888877.1024x948.000Poland and my work goes beyond the five senses. I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Akashic Records-Soul Realignment Practitioner as well as an Intuitive healer.

Even though I’ve travelled the world, I believe that life is a magical gift and I am grateful for all my positive and negative experiences, although there was a time when it wasn’t easy, a time when I was feeling stuck and didn’t know which way to go. There was a time when I was feeling unhappy and feeling low and trust me feeling unhappy was easier than feeling constantly low…

Do you have times when you try to do all the right things to be happy but things go wrong?

Well that was happening to me… through looking for a happy and fulfilled life I’ve lived in different countries and changed  jobs frequently to find the ‘one’ right for me. Even though there were moments when I thought that I was living my dream I was always coming back to a place where I felt as if my life was passing by.

I recall being at a party with friends, great music playing in the background, people dancing around me and I’m in ecstasy having the time of my life … it was getting late so I decided to get a taxi on the way back home.  I called ‘taxi’, a red taxi stopped in front of me and I sat at the back on a leather seat. I gave the driver my address and off we went. While I was watching the streets through the taxi window the driver asked me ‘How was your night, Madam?’, ‘Great, thank you…’ I said. Then I turned my head to look through the window and I remember feeling emptiness within my heart…  I remember thinking ‘It was a great night so why am I feeling empty and unfulfilled now’. ‘Why am I feeling unhappy?’

Do you experience moments when you have spent a great time with friends then come back home but feeling empty within? All the happiness from the party is just gone and suddenly you feel lonely, empty or unfulfilled again?

That night I understood that party life brings me only an illusion of happiness and that this happiness is only temporary! Inside me I knew there is more to life but I didn’t know what it was or where to find it…

Then what happened next was one of my biggest struggles but also my biggest blessing in my life.

I met a man, we fell in love and very soon we moved to live on a beautiful island. Few people asked me ‘Are you sure you want to do this because you don’t know him long?’ and I remember answering many times ‘its love so what can go wrong with love..?’

Then I learned, it can go very wrong if two people who weren’t happy before, expect to find this happiness within someone else so that this someone else can take the emptiness away. We both suffered and both dealt with it in different ways. He became very insulting and I became very miserable.  The beautiful island became a golden cage and I didn’t know any way out. I couldn’t find a job, I didn’t have money and I was living on another side of the world.

I remember sitting alone in my garden on a chair in the terrace , tears rolling down my cheeks whilst looking towards long green palms and beautifully coloured tropical flowers, listening to birds singing but feeling like I reached the lowest point in my life, feeling like one big fat zero and real hatred for myself.  Thinking ‘How did I end up like this’, ‘What did I do wrong’, ‘Is this going to be my future now?’

Then I stood up, walked into the beautiful garden, looked up at the blue sky and shouted out ‘God if you are real and hear me, I am giving up! I am giving up all ideas about life! I have no idea what my life is about! Take my life, I am giving all my life to you!  Although I’ve tried so hard I really don’t know how to create a joyful life’ Take it and do what whatever you want with it!’

Do you feel the same, have you also been here, trying so hard to control your life in order to create a fulfilled and joyful life, although nobody ever gave you the golden recipe for it?

Are you like me, having learned how to live a life from people who are not living fulfilled life themselves, from people who themselves struggle in their own lives?

 Do you have the same idea like I had, that it is OK to build your life on a foundation of believing you are not good enough, you are unworthy and you are a victim of circumstances?

If yes, keep reading because what happened next turned my struggle into a blessing!

I could feel something in me broke that day, I really let go of the whole idea I thought I had about life.

I knew my transformation had started from that very moment…

I remember ‘accidentally’ sitting in a café next to a women who turned out to be an EFT Therapist.  At that time I didn’t know what EFT was and when I asked her she replied ‘I help people find happiness in life’, ‘hmmm’ I thought ‘Man what perfect timing’. I made an appointment with her and I truly believed I was going to a life coaching session. I was much surprised to find that during the session I was tapping my head with my fingers whilst talking about my feelings… haha. But I’ll never forgot that feeling after the session. For the first time in my life I felt empowered and I remembered thinking ‘WOW this stuff really works!!!’ I loved it so much that I decided to enrol in an EFT course.

A few days later a friend told me about a women who does breathing sessions with people to help them heal their negative emotions. When I made an appointment with her I didn’t have a clue on what to expect.

I was surprised again when I arrived for the appointment and I saw in front of me a women with no makeup, wearing a long colourful skirt with a loose top and her grey curly hair dancing in the wind. I remember thinking ‘OMG she is one of those spiritual weirdo’s’ ‘What am I getting myself into?’, ‘What is she going to do to me!’,

She looked at me and welcomed me with a very warm smile and then I heard a little voice deep inside me saying ‘Enough with old, try something new, give it a try to see what happens.’ Although in that moment there was fear talking loudly in my head I decided to open myself up to new experiences and give it a try.

How many times have opportunities come knocking on your door but because of fear and unwillingness to step into unknown or just merely feeling afraid of being judged by others you chose not to open that door…

How many times you stuck with only what you knew?

How many times you felt ashamed to ask for help especially when you needed it most?

That was me also but in this very moment for the first time I decided to let go of my fearful thoughts and follow my guidance. Since then my life has been transforming in ways that were once unimaginable to me and impossible!

During my transformation I’ve learned how to deal with my emotions and to accept myself and my past. I understood that my past experiences and my limiting thoughts no longer needed to define me! I understood the happiness I have been searching for cannot come from the outside world, it must come from within me.

Through the biggest struggle, I found fulfilment and real purpose in my life and it happened because I couldn’t handle any more of my old story. Finally, I made a choice to open myself up to new experiences and to let go of all the old ideas I had about life and these choices have changed my life forever.

Today my commitment through my journey is to inspire, motivate and help as many people as possible and to give them the tools they need to help them remember that the biggest treasure they can ever find in life lies within their hearts. I am committed to helping as many people as possible that are willing to open themselves up for a new life and are willing to walk through new doors in order to change their lives for their highest good!

Because through my journey I’ve learned that there lies within your heart a buried treasure which is just waiting to be dusted.

So if you are willing to fall in love with yourself again, if you are willing to bring back the magic into your life then let me take your hand and guide you on how to clean the dust and discover the treasure within you.  So my precious don’t underestimate the power of your potential and the infinite opportunities available to you.

Let’s work together to bring the magic back into your life!

Ilona ♥ ♥♥

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