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Akashic Record Reading & Clearing

Akashic Record Reading & Clearing is an amazing tool that will help you to create changes that you are looking for. In this reading you will learn about blocks such as negative programing, uncleared karma, chakra imbalances, your karmic or belief system imprinted from childhood or a past life and energetic damage. You will discover with accuracy and precision the negative blocks and restrictions from present and past lives that are currently effecting your experiences. These blocks and restrictions shows up as challenges in your daily live in relationships, finances, career, and health. You will get great insight into how to move past them and it becomes clear how you are attracting the situations. Clearing work is done to remove the energetic root cause of the issues.

With a new perspective and clean energetic slate in relation to the issues, you are empowered to take new action and create what you truly want.

An amazing tool to use in order to shift blockages or simply start the healing process. As a spiritual therapist I use Chakra energy clearing daily to balance myself, this has been an amazing eye opener for me and has helped me clear blockages and strengthen my practice. Both in my personal life and for my clients. Thank you Ilona, I am eternally grateful for your work!  Meriem Bentamoune, Purelivity.co.uk


Want to resolve specific issues that you have currently experiencing;

Want to know why you keep attracting the same negative experiences, people in your life;

Want to expand creatively and attract more money;

You find you are repeating the same patterns over and over;

You have persistent negative self talk

Want to align with your gifts


Your Akashic Record Reading & Clearing includes:

♡ Blocks & Restrictions

When you go through a challenging period, or traumatic situation, you are more likely to make choices based in fear and limitation; these choices create the energetic misalignment that become blocks and restrictions. And, it’s these blocks and restrictions that are holding you back like an invisible wall from accessing your divine gifts and your natural abundance. I’ll look into your Akashic Records to discover blocks & restrictions that you have created through choice then we will talk  about them so you can understand how they affect you. If you’ve ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same patterns this information will explain a lot. 

♡ Past Lives

 Choices you’ve made throughout your many lifetimes have helped to shape your current experiences. I’ll will give you information about these past lives that creates negative patterns and aren’t serving your soul. It’s extremely empowering to understand that things doesn’t happen to us and that we’re no victims of our circumstances ~ you always have the power of choice to change your experiences for the better.

♡ Energetic Clearing & Healing in Your Akashic Record

Your reading includes healing and clearing all the energetic blocks & restrictions and negative programs that I uncover during reading. This clearing is done in your Akashic Record prior to our conversation, so you can relax in knowing that your guides have your back and have taken care of this work for you. The clearing work will help you to create changes in your life much easier. 

♡ Customized Homework

While I’ll do the clearing work in your Akashic Records, you will receive from me customized homework to ground the energy of healing in your subconscious mind through repetition. It’s important to take new action to ground the benefits of your reading. 

♡ A Recording of Your Session

So you can be relaxed during your session. You can go back and listen the session as many times as you want.  You won’t miss anything important.  Very often clients discover that they get different insights when they re-listen the session down the road.

♡ A Bonus 

One future max 30 minute long call if needed for questions related to your session that may arise after your 21 day homework.

Akashic Record Reading & Clearing for Children

Akashic Record Reading is not only empowering on a personal/individual level, it can be a tremendous resource for parents to help guide their children through life. As conscious parents we are aware of the beautiful powerful Souls are children are. Understanding and clearing the major blocks and restrictions in your children’s Soul journey allows you as a parent to better understand and support them. It truly is spiritual parenting.

Amazing reading from Ilona! Very eye-opening and enlightening. First impressions on the information of past lives didn’t surprise me and explained why I had certain thoughts and feelings but couldn’t say why or where they were coming from. The information from the past lives just felt like me, felt like how I would behave. Her reading was extremely thorough. She brings her own warm and friendly personality and character to the reading that makes the experience all the more unique and supportive too! If you want to learn more about you and what has gone before then I really would recommend getting a reading from her! Ian  Premadasa, London, UK

What to expect:

After making a payment through PayPal please contact me on CONTACT ME  to schedule a session.

In the email please include details of: your full name now, full name at birth, date of birth and place of birth.  

Important! If you would like to focus in this reading on specific issues that you are currently encountering please give me a brief (2-5 lines) description of the issues when you email me.

You will be contacted within 1 to 2 working days with confirmation of your session. Sessions are usually scheduled within one to maximum two weeks from the date of purchase.

Please note: Payment is required prior to scheduling any session. All sessions are held via skype (no communication charges) or phone (the cost of calling the phone number must be incurred by the client). 

This investment into your new joyful life will only cost you £125/$153 





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