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The Most Important Message You’ll Hear Today!

The true story of life 💖💖💖

First, there was a single cell with a desire to expand and experience itself. Then there was an idea ‘If I allow reproductive cell interact with me I will expand in a new way…’ It believed it could, so it did.

This cell started to step by step take shape and slowly transformed into a tiny body with little hands, legs, brain and a heart.
Then it said ‘I want to experience myself even more’ so the heart opened its door to welcome a seed of life and the first heartbeat took place.

This used to single-cell now could sens and feel. Then the desires of the heart emerged with the desires of the body and they became ONE.
The desires to experience itself, even more, become so strong that it pushed the baby out of the mother’s womb and the baby first breath took place.

Isn’t that a pure miracle?

Today this little baby is still experiencing itself through choices that make every single day. 

This single cell that has transformed into a little baby who is an adult now is YOU!
You are the Miracle!F💖💖

With Love, Ilona xoxo

Author: Ilona Machaj, all rights reserved.

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