Relationship Reading & Clearing

Relationship Reading through Akashic Records

So often people on spiritual path deepen a connection to the Divine, experience mystical experiences, and shift their level of consciousness, only to be shocked by how much upheaval this can cause in our relationship with others. Most people think that commitment to spiritual path can only help our relationship with romantic partner, family, friends, colleagues by bringing more love into them. Sometimes it is true and relationship can experience big shift but most of the time the heightened consciousness may bring to light all that is in need of healing in yourself and all of your relationships.

Relationships play a big role in your own personal growth. We choose to incarnate together for a reason and to learn more about who we are.

The Relationship Reading is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a specific relationship contributes to your own experience. I also investigate and clear blocks & restrictions that may be negatively effecting you in this relationship.

The reading is not limited to romantic partnership but can be also done for parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends.


♡ Your & Reading Partner Soul Gifts      

This information will give you a good perspective of each other’s Soul gifts and talents as well as challenges. Knowing each other Soul Groups will help you to understand how Soul groups come from different perspectives and operate very differently in life, so that you can honor this about your partner/family member.

Your & reading Partner Primary Life Lessons

Knowing what they have come together to experience with each other can allow you to proactively tune into the experiential opportunities the relationship offers.

Combined History

Most Souls that come into close relationship with each other share a past life history. I will tell you how many psychical lifetimes here on Earth have you shared with your reading partner. 

Shared Karma & Contracts

Karma or Contracts between two Souls mean they’ve made choices in the context of their relationship with each other in the past, and the consequences of those choices are still playing themselves out in the relationship. You will learn the energetic statement of the karma/contracts between the two Souls (if it’s present) – this can shed a great deal of light on relationship.

♡ Blocks & Restrictions

Within this reading, I look at two type of blocks & restrictions.

First I will tell you about blocks & restrictions that are affecting each person in this reading in the general life area of relationships. These blocks and restrictions will affect ALL of your relationships. 

After I will tell you about blocks & restrictions that are specific to this particular relationship. Often, Souls come together to try to clear these particular negative energies. In that case, these blocks & restrictions will become active within this specific relationship.They will rise to the surface as the “buttons” that the other person pushes, and so on. 

♡ Energetic Clearing & Healing in Your Akashic Record

Your reading includes healing and clearing all the energetic blocks & restrictions and negative programs that I uncover during reading. This clearing is done in your Akashic Record prior to our conversation, so you can relax in knowing that your guides have your back and have taken care of this work for you. The clearing work will help you to create changes in your life much easier.

♡ Customized Homework

While I’ll do the clearing work in your Akashic Records, you will receive from me customized homework to ground the energy of healing in your subconscious mind through repetition. It’s important to take new action to ground the benefits of your reading.

♡ A Recording of Your Session

So you can be relaxed during your session. You can go back and listen the session as many times as you want. You won’t miss anything important. Very often clients discover that they get different insights when they re-listen the session down the road.

What to expect:

After making a payment through PayPal please contact me on CONTACT ME to schedule a session. In the email please include details of your & your reading partner:  full name now, full name at birth, date of birth and place of birth. You will be contacted within 1 to 2 working days with confirmation of your session. Sessions are usually scheduled within one to maximum two weeks from the date of purchase.

Please note: Payment is required prior to scheduling any session. All sessions are held via skype (no communication charges) or phone (the cost of calling the phone number must be incurred by the client).

The investment into your new joyful relationship is only £205/$251