The stories in our heads!

Once I knew a person who was telling herself the same story, over and over again;

‘I’m feeling confused, don’t know which way to go, what steps to take’.

She used to try different ways to get out of her way but always ending up with the same pattern of feeling stuck.

Do you feel the same way sometimes?

If yes, then let me tell you what happened next 🙂 

One day she got tired of judging herself for not being good enough and listening to the little voices in her head that were telling her

Who do you think you are?’, ‘You will never make it!’.

That day she made a conscious CHOICE to let go of that limited version of herself and opened her arms to welcome and accept new her.

This new her knew that confusion and stuckness is only an illusion and that answers and directions are always within her.

That person was me!

Since then I have created a great relationship with the new me 🙂 She always helps me with making new choices so I don’t repeat the same patterns!

What about you?

Are you ready to let go of the old stories you tell yourself?

Are you ready to welcome with an open heart the new limitless, courageous you? 

If yes, then don’t forget to nourish your relationship with the new you by asking every day a simple question

‘What the new ME would do in this situation?’.

It’s time for a change! It’s time for new beginnings!

Never give up on your dreams beautiful!

From my heart to yours!

Ilona xoxo

Ps. I would love to hear from you 🙂 What is the story you are telling yourself? I’m looking forward to reading your comments 💖💖💖