Sacred Heart

The Heart Knows!

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a beautiful heart. She trusted people easily and always seen the best in them but couldn’t see the beauty within her.

She used to admire people talents and secretly dreamed;

‘I wish I was as talented as these lucky people’. 

She used to wish them well and was always happy for their successes but secretly was beating and judging herself for not having anything special in her.

Don’t take me wrong, she had desires but she never followed them because she didn’t believe she is good enough to fulfil them.

Day by day she was living her life with beliefs that she deserves little and she shouldn’t expect much from life.

But the desire in her heart knew very well that she could achieve more and that she deserves way much more and never gave up on her.

Every time she was believing less in herself, the desire was whispering louder and louder

‘ Follow me, I’ll show you the way’.

But she was kind of a stubborn girl and was choosing not to listen to the little voices coming from her heart.

Until one day in the dark night of her soul, when she felt like her whole life was falling apart and there was no hope anymore… the desire shouted very loud 

‘Follow me I know the way!!’ and she finally listened!

Today you are reading this story because she responded to her heart whispers 🙂 

Do you follow your heart desires or are you stubborn as I used to be? 

You can change your life now!  

I hope today’s message inspires you. It felt good to write it – thanks for reading. 🙂 

Here’s to your continued transformation and growth. 

From my heart to yours 💖

Ilona xoxo

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