Intuitive Psychic Reading

We all have that one thing happening in our lives that’s occupying too much of our thoughts. Especially when you feel like there’s nothing you can do. Or is there?

Maybe you’ve done everything you possibly and rationally can. If you have, then it’s time to give good old intuition a chance. Sometimes the answer is within our reach, but we need help with being able to see it. That’s where Intuitive Psychic Reading can help.

This reading is ideal if you have several questions or areas you’d like to explore and gain a clear understanding of what is most aligned with your Soul and how to create what you want.  We can also energetically clear any blocks that may be inhibiting the flow of happiness and love in your life.

I act as an intuitive guide that can help you feel empowered, happy, and confident in your own decision making.

Each reading is different and personalized to a person needs and current situation.

We’ll kick off with your burning question and I’ll use my psychic powers to cut through the chaos and illuminate the truth.  Any energetic obstacles that are holding you back will be cleared on a Soul level in your Akashic Records including karmic negative programs or even traumas from past live’s…!

You’ll get the answers you need + action steps you need to take to move your life and relationship forward.  


Get ready to receive what you want AND deserve… big time!

New Introductory Offer

60 minutes reading


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It was a true privilege to receive an Akashic Records records reading from IIona. The reading provided me with many insights that I was not fully conscious of, which brought about a deeper understanding of my own nature and behavior in this incarnation. The reading was delivered in a loving way with plenty of opportunities to feedback.Thank you IIona from the sacred altar of my heart for the information you presented to me – it has really helped me so much already and I’m sure will continue to serve me along my journey going forwards.

                                                                                                                                      Nicholas Howden, London, UK

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