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Re-Connect with Your Divine Gifts & Bring Magic back to your life.


The magic of life begins with remembering that you are much more than just a body and a mind. You are a soul in the body that came here to experience your own divine expression in this lifetime.

As a powerful creative soul, you have talents and abilities that open the magic doors to your infinite possibilities and uniqueness that only you can offer to the world.

If you ever find yourself yearning for something more in life, discovering your passion or your uniqueness or if you ever wished to know what is your purpose in this life than knowing your soul gifts is the key. This is what being an empowered and authentic soul is all about… and it’s your soul purpose. 


We don’t always recognize our gifts.



We get stuck, frustrated and often feel unfulfilled when we’re not living in alignment with our true gifts. We don’t see the opportunities around us and we often tolerate things that don’t make us happy.  We believe because we are good at something everyone else must be good at it too, or because we are good at it the gift doesn’t have value. We simply don’t see our gifts… when others complement our natural abilities we can’t take this in, and often we spend years looking for that special “something” we’re here to do.

We experiencing lack of money, energy and nothing seems to get better. We feel like we are swimming against the tide.  We are very aware that we need to get out of our own way, but it’s not that easy to figure out how. 

blue1You don’t have to settle for less. You have the power to create happy and fulfilled life when you make choices align with your soul gifts. 



 Soul Profile Report it’s a really amazing tool that helps you to create change that you are looking for.  It gives you an understanding of your soul’s essence, your unique gifts and it will help you find the action steps you can start taking right away to transform your life. 

It’s pointing you in a direction to create a life in alignment with who you truly are.  When you know your SOUL GIFTS, ~ you’ve got the powerful tool to create changes in your life.  It’s empowering and life-changing!                        

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All sounds amazing, right?  But you may be thinking, is this really going to help me?  

Let me clarify this, the information you learn in this report is a map of your magical life.  It’s still up to you to put this information into action.  The massive shifts occur when you take action what you’ve learned from the SP Report and start following a new path.  Your report makes that path visible to you and helps to reduce the intensity of the fears & doubt that have kept you from taking the steps in the past.  


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It was a true privilege to receive a Soul Profile Report reading from IIona. The reading provided me with many insights that I was not fully conscious of, which brought about a deeper understanding of my own nature and behaviour in this incarnation. The reading was delivered in a loving way with plenty of opportunities to feedback. Thank you IIona from the sacred altar of my heart for the information you presented to me – it has really helped me so much already and I’m sure will continue to serve me along my journey going forwards. Nicholas Howden, London, UK



 Your Soul Gifts                                                            

I’ll look up your Soul Group of Origination & your primary soul gifts. Expressing the gifts and qualities we are naturally abundant in, will organically manifest abundance. We’ll talk about how you can embrace these gifts and what’s possible when you’re living in alignment with them. This information alone is a huge game-changer.

Your Primary Life Lesson

Learn what the lesson your Soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. We will talk about where in your life is currently showing up. You will get a better understanding why situations have occurred in your life thus far. Then we will discuss how you can choose to experience them in a more positive and empowered way.

  Soul History

Your positive periods of history where your soul has experienced extreme growth.

♡  Your Soul Magic Report Skype Session

Approximately 60-90 min Skype session with me.  I will inform you about your Soul gifts and we will look at how you can infuse your unique soul gifts and life purpose into your life.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any question you have about your Soul Profile Report. 

♡   Bonus

Guided meditation ‘Your future self’. This powerful meditation will help you to connect and get guidance from your future self. 



Ilona did my Akashic Reading about two months ago and it’s taken this sort of time for me to fully appreciate the amazing shifts in my life. Although I know Ilona socially, we don’t know each other that well and I felt it best not to tell her much about my own personal story before the reading. 

After taking my details she went off and did her reading before booking an appointment to give me my results. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found myself extremely pleased with the depth and the accuracy of her work. Almost everything she told me struck home as soon as she said it, it was like she’d read a book about me (I suppose she did). The few things that I didn’t get straight away have slowly come to me over time. 

The healing work she did has helped unlock some of the key things I was looking for help with. My career has taken a new and exciting path and I am much more connected emotionally, something I was looking to have healed with.

I’m incredibly grateful for Ilona’s fantastic work and excited about the new turns my life is taking. Thank you Ilona for such stellar work.  Himesh Gohil, London, UK


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♦ You at a crossroads in your life.

♦ You frequently changing jobs or you feel stuck, bored or unfulfilled at your work.

♦ You want to expand creatively and attract more abundance.

♦ You have doubts or lack of clarity about your true purpose.

♦ You are unsure of yourself and you don’t trust your next step.

♦ You want to understand your soul gifts and put them into practice.



Soul Magic Report is also a perfect tool for parents who would like to get to know their child/children on a Soul Level. The SM Report will give the parents guidance on how to raise happy and empowered child that can create life-based on confidence and full potential.


What to expect:


We will connect through skype (no communication charges) or phone (the cost of calling the phone number must be incurred by the client) so you can settle into your comfy sofa with a cup of tea/coffee or water next to you. I open your Akashic Records to gather your information prior to our session.

Once the session begins I’ll share all of the information with you, and we’ll talk about new empowered choices you can make going forward. You’ll also receive a PDF Your Soul Profile Report of your reading so you can relax and take everything in if you prefer not to take notes.

Please note: After making a payment through PayPal please contact me on CONTACT ME page to schedule a session. You will be contacted within 1 to 2 working days with confirmation of your session. Sessions are usually scheduled within 10 days from the date of purchase.


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Thank you, Ilona, for choosing me to be a part of this journey with you. The information supplied about my gifts and soul purpose were on par as I too have received this through my own inner guidance system and further confirms the projects I am involved with and things I need to do to feed my soul. In meditation I’d sometimes  find myself within water and now thanks to you I understand why, this once was home …. I would highly recommend such a session to other seekers I come across out there as so often we go through like unaware of the other things that affect our reality until spirit’s helper like you is sent our way. Once again thank you , I have started the exercises you’ve given me and  am looking forward to experiencing the new me free of all that used to inhibit me. God Bless Harishnee Govender, Johannesburg, South Africa

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