Discover Your Potential Challenge

Open to your potential and heart desires through emotional release.

You are much more capable and remarkable than you give yourself credit for.

You may not be able to see it right now but there is amazing potential within you.

There is amazing potential within all of us but it just needs to be uncovered.

It is hidden from us because of all the past hurts, disappointments, failures, and put-downs that have tainted our self-image and belief about who we are and how happy we deserve to be.


 This 7 days challenge is dedicated to helping you release the old stories and emotions that hold you back and keep you stuck so you can open your heart to your true potential and create magic in your life. 


It is the time that you set yourself free!

Join the 7 Day Challenge and start your journey of discovering your potential ♥ 

*Starts on 18th Match 2018

♥ Each day consists of a step to uncovering the potential within you. You will have something to DO, THINK, or FEEL.

♥ Feel free to share this challenge with your friends!


      Two easy steps to join us 

Step 1. Our challenge will be happening in a closed group so join  Online Healing Village so join us here.

Step 2. If you haven’t yet, sign up here. Every day I will magically appear in your inbox to give you easy to follow guidance and steps to open up to your potential.