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What do I do?

My heart desire is to expand the connection to your divinity so you can remember your inner beauty and fall in love with yourself and your life again. Your heart is so precious because that’s where direct connection to your Divine I Am Presence exists.  You are much more than your limiting beliefs or past experiences.

You are LOVE and infinite potential. Your life is a blessing and you are a miracle of the Divine design.

How can I help you?

My gifts are designed to expand that Divine I am Presence and awaken the limitless potential within you.

 What expanding your Divine I am Presence will create in your life?

  • You will create a more loving relationship with yourself and others,
  • You will start to trust your potential,
  • You will expand through joy and bliss,
  • Your self-love and self-value will increase,
  • You will align with your purpose and find fulfilment and meaning to your life,
  • You start to enjoy your life and be able to accept the process of transformation,
  • You will feel more peace within,
  • You will forgive and let go of the past,
  • You will create an unshakable foundation based on love, compassion and joy.
  • You will create a strong and unbreakable relationship with your Divine I Am Presence.
  • and much more…  as there are no limits to your sacred life.


Through your Heart, you will find the pathway to LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE.


If you would like to book a session please contact me at ilona@ilonamachaj.com and write in a subject: session


I have completed the prayers and I must say I have definitely experienced changes within me and around me. I feel different and free and light. I am truly grateful for being in this state. I am slowly easing into my meditations and grounding. Thank You so much for helping me. You are a Godsend!!

Jaish Gheyandaw, Johannesburg, South Africa


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