It was a true privilege to receive an Akashic Records records reading from IIona. The reading provided me with many insights that I was not fully conscious of, which brought about a deeper understanding of my own nature and behaviour in this incarnation. The reading was delivered in a loving way with plenty of opportunity to feedback.Thank you IIona from the sacred altar of my heart for the information you presented to me – it has really helped me so much already and I’m sure will continue to serve me along my journey going forwards.

Nicholas Howden, London, UK


…I have completed the prayers and I must say I have definitely experienced changes within me and around me. I feel different and free and light. I am truly grateful for being in this state. I am slowly easing into my meditations and grounding. Thank You so much for helping me. You are a Godsend!!

Jaish Gheyandaw, Johannesburg, South Africa


Ilona did my Akashic Reading about two months ago and it’s taken this sort of time for me to fully appreciate the amazing shifts in my life. Although I know Ilona socially, we don’t know each other that well and I felt it best not to tell her much about my own personal story before the reading. 

After taking my details she went off and did her reading before booking an appointment to give me my results. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found myself extremely pleased with the depth and the accuracy of her work. Almost everything she told me struck home as soon as she said it, it was like she’d read a book about me (I suppose she did). The few things that I didn’t get straight away have slowly come to me over time.

The healing work she did has helped unlock some of the key things I was looking for help with. My career has taken a new and exciting path and I am much more connected emotionally, something I was looking to have healing with.

I’m incredibly grateful for Ilona’s fantastic work and excited about the new turns my life is taking. Thank you Illona for such stellar work.

Himesh Gohil, London, UK


An amazing tool to use in order to shift blockages or simply start the healing process. As a spiritual therapist I use Chakra energy clearing daily to balance myself, this has been an amazing eye opener for me and has helped me clear blockages and strengthen my practice. Both in my personal life and for my clients. Thank you Ilona, I am eternally grateful for your work! 

Meriem Bentamoune, Purelivity.co.uk


Amazing reading from Ilona! Very eye opening and enlightening. First impressions on the information of past lives didn’t surprise me and explained why I had certain thoughts and feelings but couldn’t say why or where they were coming from. The information from the past lives just felt like me, felt like how I would behave. Her reading was extremely thorough. She brings her own warm and friendly personality and character to the reading that makes the experience all the more unique and supportive too! If you want to learn more about you and what has gone before then I really would recommend getting a reading from her!

Ian  Premadasa, London, UK


Thank you Ilona for choosing me to be a part of this journey with you . The reading confirmed so many suspicions I had about repetitive patterns experienced in my waking life and now you have not only helped remove these but have also given me additional tools to work with , for which I am most grateful . The information supplied about my gifts and soul purpose were on par as I too have received this through my own inner guidance system and further confirms the projects I am involved with and things I need to do to feed my soul. In meditation I’d sometimes  find myself within water and now thanks to you I understand why, this once was home . Though there were some parts I didn’t resonate with , I am confident that maybe this is just something I was unaware of until now. I would highly recommend such a session to other seekers I come across out there as so often we go through like unaware of the other things that affect our reality until spirit’s helper like you is sent our way. Once again thank you , I have started the exercises you’ve given me and  am looking forward to experiencing the new me free of all that used to inhibit me. God Bless

Harishnee Govender, Johannesburg, South Africa


The session really made me realise this event was so long ago, in the past and I can choose or not choose for it to carry on effecting me, my life and my relationships – and I choose no! So yes with hindsight considering it was 1 session I think It has made a signifigant impact, much greater than such if in therapy just talking about how you feel! I really liked it when you said and I repeated “I am the director of y own life” that really resonated with me and I liked that we taped on the fact I thought not much movement could take place in one session that really worked! Because why no? if I want it I can? Thank you! I also think you have a very calming/positive/smiley manner which is helpful. E.g although we were referring to a horrible thing, a few times you laughed when you said something wrong and that made me smile which lightened to mood and made it even easier that now is now and past is gone!”

Joanna Aves, London, UK